May 23 – Taylor

My name is Taylor Folkertsma and I am from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I am on the MSU swim team. I am majoring in Biosystems Engineering with a concentration in food science.

Munich is the largest city and capital of German state of Bavaria and is considered the high-tech capital of Germany.

The Deutsches Museum is the largest museum of technology and natural science in the world. There are exhibits about materials and production, natural science, energy and much more.


Electrical Power Exhibit (“The Exhibition:.”)

The BMW headquarters are located in Munich. The BMW Museum displays 90 years of BMW history in 125 exhibits, which includes company, product and brand history

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

BMW Museum (“BMW Museum Munich.”)

Olympic Park in Munich: where the 1972 Summer Olympics were held


Olympia park (“Olympiapark, Munich.”)


May 23rd

We started off the day with a short drive to the Munich Zoo where we were given a tour of their anaerobic digester by Reinhard Zenau, the technical inspector of the zoo. The fermenter was build in 2007 by BIOFerm GmbH, a leader in biogas technology.

photo 2-4

The three fermenters at the Munich Zoo

They run a dry fermentation anaerobic digestion system using fodder, green-disposals and the manure from plant eating animals at the zoo. The system consists of a technical facility, three fermenting tanks each with a volume of 320m^3 and each produce 300m^3 of gas daily which is stored above the fermenters in a gas-sack.

photo 3-4

Where the biogas is stored

Along with the biogas, there are about 2 tons of ferment produced yearly which is used for fertilizer by surrounding farms.

photo 1-4

The digestate produced

After we finished the tour at the zoo, we headed over to UTS biogastechnik GMBH where we listened to a lecture given by Ludwig Dinkloh. UTS is a company that was founded in 1992 that does consulting, commissioning, optimization and construction of biogas plants. They have patented products such as hydraulic mixers, service boxes, feeder system and controls, and separators and pumps. All of the projects are unique and based on the available resources of where the facility is going to be located. Their approach is to use mostly energy crops because of the cost of electricity and a long retention time.

When the presentation was finished we went on a tour of Biomasse Kraftwerk Eggertshofen led by Christopher.

photo 3-2

Layout of the facility

photo 1-2

One of the fermenters and gas collection buildings

This plant produces 450 kWh of electricity per ton of corn silage. There are three fermenters on site in which 85% of products are produced in fermenter 1 and 2, and the remaining 15% is produced in fermenter 3. The system uses UTS patented equipment because of the little amount of gas loss that occurs. The facility also uses hydraulic pipelines because explosions are less likely to happen and the energy transport is more efficient.

photo 3-3

A group picture on the roof of one of the fermenters

We learned a lot of valuble information from the presenters about anaerobic digestion and all of teh factors that are considered in the process.



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